September 2 to 8

It was a quick visit into Mongolia, leaving from Ulan Ude in Russia and heading direct to Ulaanbaatar rather than tackling the more difficult tracks from the west.

Just glorious



The two-day ride to the capital was through verdant green pastures, with contented animals grazing on the lush grass.








There were yurts,







A shrine in the middle of the countryside



And Buddhist temples.







Horse rectum? No thanks!



And there was some rather unusual food on the menu.









Genghis Khan sits outside the Parliament building



Ulaanbaatar is a mix of the modern and the historic. The main square has been renamed to honour Genghis Khan with statues of him and his loyal servants.



Brian and Genghis












The 60s live on in Beatles Square



Even Shirl’s favourite band of all time, The Beatles, are immortalised with their own square.





Great street signs




It’s just off the main drag – Peace Avenue – opposite the State Government Department Store.




Not as stylish as GUM in Mosco - the State Department Store










Returning to the glory days before Communism




A monastery on the edge of the city has a large community of monks and has been rebuilt, including the statuary, since the fall of communism.







Mexikhan - great food and good company


Ricardo, Elad and Bryn, the trio we last saw in Barnaul, were in town so we caught up at a terrific restaurant – Mexikhan. They arrived with Mihai, a biker from Romania we met in Dushanbe in Tajikistan.



Genghis Khan



We took a ride out of town to the Genghis Khan statue. Its stands 40 metres atop Signal Hill, a spot Genghis used to get messages to his troops.




His loyal deputies still guard him



Made of stainless steel it shines over the countryside.






Brian and GK




You can climb into the horse’s head for a different angle and a great view.








Genghis - up close










Happy riders



It was worth the effort to head down to Mongolia, but now we must hightail it through Siberia to get to Vladivostok before winter sets in.




We’re on the last leg of our journey before heading home.