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  Norway –  May 28 to June 13     We get the ferry from Denmark to Norway. By avoiding the bridge to Oslo we avoid a lot of highway running. Our first night is spent in a cabin on a small marina. We are knocked out by the beauty of this country from the moment we hit the road.           Our aim is to get to the very top of Europe – Nordkapp. We met our traveling companion, Dave Hand, in Alaska in 2012. We …



May 25 – 28, 2015       Denmark was meant to be a pit stop for the motorcycle but ended up being a terrific couple of days with a terrific couple, Jorgen and Connie Toft.         Brian met Erik Lorentzen at a Horizons Unlimited in Australia. Originally from Denmark, Erik said Jorgen could help us out with any bike issues in Denmark. The bike was on a recall notice from BMW but none of the dealers in Germany could help out this side of August. The …



May 22 – 25, 2015 We have lots of plans when we leave Germany and they all change when we get out the map. We’re close to the Netherlands so Brian suggests we go there in search of tulips. When Dave sees how close Amsterdam is, the decision is made – we’ll head there.     And it’s a great decision. Amsterdam is the most amazing, vibrant city.                                             …