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Yosemite – awesome

    The drive through the national forest gives us a taste of what is to come – the lakes, the mountains and the trees – awesome.                 The roads are amazing. The landscape is awe inspiring. We just love every minute of it. Over two days we are able to explore most of the park accessible by road.                   We see towering mountains…               Waterfalls cascading down massive …


California – San Francisco and beyond

    We enjoy the coast road to San Francisco but the GPS delivers us to the wrong end of Lombard Street.  It’s on one side of the crooked part of the street and we are on the other. The ride through the city is surprisingly easy – except a small traffic jam where the road was closed for President Obama’s motorcade.  Before long the bike is safely tucked away in the car park in time for us to explore the old Cow Hollow area of the city.     …


California – a chance to be in touch with our inner child!

On the scenic road to the coast we see some more of the most incredible scenery and we encounter some of the random acts of friendship that are commonplace.             In the Stagecoach Inn we meet Ron who not only engages us with incredible stories about the area – like where Red Skelton used to live and where they filmed Bonanza – he then shouts our lunch…just to say ‘welcome’. Thanks Ron.             San Diego and Shirl’s friend Phil has …