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Barcelona – a striking city and a general strike

  We arrived in Barcelona on the eve of the November 14 general strike – a part of a European wide action against the austerity measures. Our hotel advised us not to go out but we were not going to be deterred. The city was certainly quiet with most of the business shut and public transport at a minimum. But this gave us a chance to wander the wide boulevards and photograph the magnificent buildings without hassle.               We did encounter some of the …


Oradour sur Glane and Orleans, France – sad reminders of the past

    Leaving the glitter of Paris behind us, we move south to Orleans, the home of the Maid d’Orleans – Jean D’Arc. Situated on the Loire River, it is a rather beautiful town even in the cold weather of November.                 The centre of the town is, of course, the cathedral. It’s a mighty building that looks magnificent in the daylight and during the night. The old town is bustling and we enjoy our time chilling out in the small bars and …


Paris – the city of light delights

      Paris has always been one of our favourite cities in Europe and it never disappoints us. Despite being very cold (single figures most days) and often grey skies it is never dull.  Our hotel is just near the Eifel Tower. There are only a few sights in the world that live up to expectations and this is one of them. No matter how often you see it you are knocked out by its beauty and stature.                 Even our little …