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Vancouver Island to Smithers, British Columbia

    The great scenery continued when we hit the Canadian mainland heading north. There are a couple of routes we could take and we’d been told both were incredibly scenic but we chose to head into the mountains and go through Whistler on the “Sea to Sky Highway”. The scenery was brilliant – yet again. It seems like around every corner there is another vista to knock your socks off.           We visited Hut Creek Historic Ranch on our way to meet up with Ken …


Vancouver Island – British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island –another step closer to Alaska       Our border crossing in to Canada was the easiest yet. We rode on to the ferry in Port Angeles, Washington State, spent a glorious time sitting in the sun catching up with our friends Ken & Carol Duval and then rode off the ferry on to Vancouver Island. A quick stop at the immigration booth to get the passports stamped and we were in Canada.             For the next week we chilled out on Vancouver …


Washington – the beautiful scenery just goes on

Washington State       We cross the mighty Columbia River in to Washington State.  The river has been dammed in several spots to control the river flow. This saw the demise of falls that had been the fish grounds of the local first nation residents for centuries.               Today the irrigation systems have created a new wine region at Walla Walla. We tried some of the local drop and found it much to our liking.             One of …