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  1. Bernd Tesch

    Dear Shirley and Brian “on route ?”,
    overworking my websites about South-America and North-and South-America I found your blog just after your start in 11.2011. I hope that you still have the normal email I own. I will ask you for an update. – I am writing out of your website. Of course very welldone. But I am not sure if I understand it correct that you in France just now 19th.12.2012. From there it is only “very few cans of beer (an Aussie-expression)” to us at the Belgium border. Of course you are very welcome here ! –
    Concerning your tipp of the bible of horizons unlimited: In you find the world largest collection of 1340 motorcycle-TRAVEL-Books 1910-2012. In you find the world largest collection of summaries of motorcycle travels in each continent 1887-2012 (90% in English!.) May be you want to add this for your interested readers. – Sorry I do not find out when you will return to Australia. In the beginning you spoke about 1 year. If you can make it Patricia and I would be happy to see you on the “55th.Tesch-Travel-Treffen 03th-05th.05.2013” for mc-world-travellers in Malmedy/Belgium as well. Free of charge as our guest of course.
    If you will write another book about this tour: Herebye I order the first signed book. And make sure this new time that everybody can order it via amazon and Whitehorse Press in USA. I would like to promote it as well.
    Have wonderful coming days. Bernd, happy with Patricia

    Good to know that you are still happy and healthy


    Hi there Brian and Shirley just wanted to say thanks for the time spent together in Newcastle. Plus wanted to check that your bike got you to Hillcrest.You are both an amazing people and hope you have a stunning time here in S.A
    regards James


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