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Ontario – our time in North America comes to an end

    We’ve been in North America for almost six months. During that time we’ve travelled through forests, mountains, national parks and arctic tundra. We’ve met grizzly and black bears, muskox, caribou and deer. And like everywhere we’ve been, we’ve made some wonderful friends. Two of them, Cath and Les, from Dual Sport Plus, are going to look after us for our last few days before we fly with the bike to Manchester.           We first met Cath & Les at the Overland Expo in Arizona …


New York, New England and the Fall

      Our time in the US is rapidly drawing to a close as we continue heading east. Next stop New York, or to be more accurate, Hoboken New Jersey – just across the river from Manhattan. Maggie & John, family friends have opened up their home to us for a few days.                   The short walk to Hoboken’s water edge offers up the most magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline.                 And the …


Washington DC – history & old friends – a great combination

    We wanted to visit Washington DC for two reasons. One was the history of the city but  the main one was to catch up with our old mate Ian McDougal, a television cameraman from Melbourne who has lived and worked in the US for 30 years.               On our way to DC we rode through Gettysburg – the scene of a major battle during the Civil War. As we look out across the fields that saw so many lives lost, how different …