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Russia September 8 to 16     Crossing back into Siberia it’s clear winter is coming.  There’s no coloured lights on Ulan Ude’s fountain. Lenin still looks down on the square but there’s a chill in the air. It’s time to get moving. From Ulan Ude there are going to be some long rides to get to Vladivostok before the winter sets in. We’ve been told the weather can turn from mild to winter in a matter of days out here.             The ride takes …



    Mongolia September 2 to 8 It was a quick visit into Mongolia, leaving from Ulan Ude in Russia and heading direct to Ulaanbaatar rather than tackling the more difficult tracks from the west.     The two-day ride to the capital was through verdant green pastures, with contented animals grazing on the lush grass.             There were yurts,                 And Buddhist temples.                 And there was some rather unusual …


Back in Russia

Back into Russia August 20 to September 2   We head north to Barnaul to meet up with our good friends Ken and Carol. We haven’t seen them since Alaska back in 2012.  We while away the hours catching up on news and sharing tales of life on the road. They’ve just ridden through western Mongolia – a massive achievement two-up.               Walking through the hotel we bump into New Zealander, Bryn who we met in Tajikistan. He’s with Ricardo, a Spaniard we met …