The Long Way to Vladivostok – a journey through Scandinavia and the Silk Road to Siberia

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Riding a motorbike in howling high winds and freezing temperatures to reach Nordkapp, the northern-most point of Europe could have been disastrous. But for Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix it was one of the best days of their lives.

And in 2°C temperatures with snow banked up to 3 metres on both sides of the road, the cold and the discomfort paled into insignificance in the face of the astonishingly beautiful pristine countryside.

This is what the well-travelled retired couple had hoped for when they planned to fill a gap in their riding experience and take on Scandinavia, the old Silk Road in Central Asia and the world’s largest country, Russia.

They shipped their motorcycle to Greece and spent the next six months riding to the northern most tip of Europe and then taking the long road to Vladivostok in Russia.

From freezing cold to the searing heat of 47°C in the deserts of Central Asia, Shirley and Brian pushed the boundaries, tackling icy roads and gravel tracks. They rode through water crossings and deep sand drifts to reach some of the most beautiful cities on the Silk Road.

The Long Way to Vladivostok takes readers through some of the world’s most glorious and remote areas, sharing the joys and hardships of life on the road. Experience their travels from the comfort of your armchair or be inspired to pack your bags and hit the road.