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Antarctica – a place of peace, science and ice!

December 10 to 22     It is hard to put in to words the wonder that is Antarctica. There is ice. There is wildlife. There is crystal clear water. And there is snow and icy winds. And crossing the Drake Passage there are raging seas of 5 to 6 metres and winds at Force 7 and 8. But it is all worth it when we get to the Seventh Continent– it is more than we expected…much more.           For six days we take two zodiac …


Punta Arenas – Chile

Punta Arenas – December 3 to 5 2011 Punta Arenas is just a town. It has some lovely buildings in the main square but again it is the natural beauty that brings the travellers. It’s cold and bleak but that is to be expected as we head further south.       On the outskirts of town is a ships’ graveyard. We don’t know why the skeletal wrecks are here but they make for some interesting photos.         When Chile took the Magellan Straits and Tierra del …


Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine – December 1 & 2 The natural beauty of this part of South America is hard to beat. After dragging ourselves away from El Chalten and El Calafete we head to Puerto Natales, the nearest town to the Torres del Paine National Park. There is another dirt road to get us back across the border back into Chile – another stretch of Ruta 40.     Puerto Natales is on the edge of the Chile archipelago but it is the national park that brings people to the …