Norway –  May 28 to June 13

The view from our first room in Norway



We get the ferry from Denmark to Norway. By avoiding the bridge to Oslo we avoid a lot of highway running. Our first night is spent in a cabin on a small marina. We are knocked out by the beauty of this country from the moment we hit the road.




Brian with Dave Hand



Our aim is to get to the very top of Europe – Nordkapp. We met our traveling companion, Dave Hand, in Alaska in 2012. We rode to the top of North America together so there’s some synchronicity in traveling to the top of Europe together. Nordkapp is much further north than Prudhoe Bay in Alaska so we don’t know what the ride has in store for us.



We've never seen snow like it



We ride through as many national parks as we can. The scenery is breathtaking. We ride along pristine roads with snow piled high on both sides.








Playing in the snow


Around every corner there is a magnificent view



There are frozen lakes in valleys that lead to magnificent fjords.

There are high passes where the temperature drops to 1 degree and the snow falls.





Even in June some roads are closed because of the snow



Some roads are still closed.








More snow

The blue light warns of a roundabout ahead



Others take us through an incredible network of tunnels. The longest is 24.6 kilometres. Another has a roundabout where two tunnels intersect.







There are ferries to get across other fjords.

Geiranger Fjord is one of the most beautiful with waterfalls cascading down to the water’s edge. It is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its natural beauty and the old farms that have been preserved, perched high above the fjord.




Imagine raising a family in such a remote location



At one, we are told, the farmers would tie their children to trees so they didn’t wander off the edge of the land and plummet into the water.







Breathtaking view on the road from Bodo to Narvik



There seems no end to the beauty. Even when we take the main roads the scenery is stunning.







The Atlantic Highway



And the Norwegians go out of their way to create tourist roads like the Atlantic Highway.






Happy travelers



It’s a long road to the Arctic Circle and we all feel it is a great achievement. It’s snowing and the snow is piled high everywhere.

Above the Arctic Circle nothing changes. There are still towns, industry and paved roads, unlike Alaska.




A chance meeting on the road led to dinner



At Narvik we meet a young Norwegian biker, Gaute from Tromso. He invites us to his home for a traditional Norwegian meal of reindeer stew. We have a fun night with Gaute, his wife Kirstin and their daughters, Sigrid and Frida.





At the top of the world



At last, after two weeks we finally make it to Nordkapp – 70° 10’ 21”.

It’s blowing a gale. It’s bloody cold but we made it. What an achievement!








A celebration




To celebrate we have a glass of bubbles, some King Crab, salmon and caviar.

Tomorrow we begin the ride south heading into Finland.