On the road again

North to Alaska - take two



After nine long days and nights in Smithers, British Columbia the shocker finally arrived. It didn’t take long before we waved the town goodbye and headed north – again!






Bear Glacier - onthe road to Hyder

Our first black bear



This time we made it all the way through to Hyder, a small town on the finger of Alaska that runs down the Canadian coast. Here we encountered our first bears. This black bear was walking down the road as we rode up to where we were told there were a mother bear and her cubs.





Off he goes



We gave him the right of way and he happily wandered off.







Grizzly fishing




The next morning we rode to fish creek where the bears fish for salmon. The mighty fish struggle upstream. They battle the strong current and then have to contend with the bears who wait in the shallows for them.

We watched this grizzly fish for more than half an hour. We are privileged to have seen these wonderful animals up close and personal.




Salmon Glacier



Above Hyder is the Salmon Glacier. The clouds broke just as we arrived at the top of the glacier, offering us views of the glacier and surrounding mountains.






From Hyder we rode back into Canada and headed north. We camped all along the way, meeting up with many bikers going up to the top of the world or coming back.

The roads are good and the weather fantastic with very little rain. We’ve been held up by road works a few times – sometimes having to follow the pilot car for 10 kilometres through the works.

Neat work...




We also waited an hour while this chopper lifted logs onto huge piles ready for the bonfire of all bonfires. No traffic was allowed past while the chopper was flying.






Alaska - at last!




After four nights on the road we crossed in to Alaska!






Now it is only days until we make the run to Prudhoe Bay – probably the most difficult part of our journey to date.

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  1. Kerrin Addis says:

    Love following your trip. Was just looking at how to drive to Alaska last week. Would love to catch up when you get back 🙂

  2. Karl Reiter says:

    Good to see you made it up so far. Nice beard Santa Rix. Please chat to the Elves and Raindeer whilst your so close to the North Polce tell them I want a motorbike for Christmas. Miss you both. xx From all the McReiter Clan.

  3. Hi, love hearing your talk with Red Symonds on ABC 774 about your travels, your little snippets are fascinating, God Speed, Tina

  4. Bruce says:

    Hi when you shipped you bike to chile did you have to pay any duties we are planning to ship our bikes to chile and we where told we need to pay .19%duties
    Any help would be great

  5. H .Davies says:

    I think I have heard a joke about those 2 Bears.
    Miss you

  6. I have been following your trip on Sundays on 3AW. What a great adventure the pair of you are having, Thanks for letting me share some of the wonderful things you are seeing and doing.
    Cheers Jill

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