April 5 – 15

Back in 2003 we met Nikos and Judy when we needed passport photos done. We’re still friends and arriving in Athens to collect the bike was the perfect opportunity to renew our friendship. Also in town were friends from Melbourne – Damien and Rae Kingsbury and the Milligans. It was a chance to party while we waited for the bike to arrive from Melbourne.

The view from our hotel - not bad



Aussies waiting for their motorcycles to arrive in Athens

Dinner at the Plaka with Nikos, Judy, Damien and Rae


Nikos and Judy took us for a drive to Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon to watch the sunset – amazing.

Taking in the sights with Nikos and Judy










Using Dave Milligan’s company Get Routed made life easy. We just met all the others with bikes in the container, drove to the freight yard and rolled the bike out – simple.

The bike is first out of the container










Together - at last

We took a couple of hundred k ride to Delphi, to see that all was as it should be with the bike and our gear. Nikos and Judy came along for the ride, taking us to Livavi near Arachova. There was plenty of snow, chilling winds and even a torrential down pour to get us into the swing of life on the bike.

Judy and Nikos on their BMW 1100 RS










Back in Athens we spent Greek Easter with Nikos, Judy and their family and friends. It was a feast of good food, good wine and plenty of good company. Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

We were treated like part of the family










It was time to move on and say goodbye to our friends. We headed to the coastal town of Volos and then took a ride into the mountains, following Nikos’ good directions and into Thessaloniki.

Amazing roads










The view from our hotel in Thessaloniki

Roman ruins outside our hotel, a good meal and a walk along the foreshore was a good way to spend our last hours in Greece before crossing into Bulgaria.

Goodbye Greece