On the scenic road to the coast we see some more of the most incredible scenery and we encounter some of the random acts of friendship that are commonplace.




The Stagecoach Inn




In the Stagecoach Inn we meet Ron who not only engages us with incredible stories about the area – like where Red Skelton used to live and where they filmed Bonanza – he then shouts our lunch…just to say ‘welcome’. Thanks Ron.





Old mates together again



San Diego and Shirl’s friend Phil has no idea we are on our way. She is gobsmacked when she opens the door and we are standing there. Thanks Ian and Sylvia for organising this surprise.

We get to spend another four days with these great friends. We visit the beach and watch Sarah as she discovers waves.







All together at San Diego Zoo



And we all love the San Diego Zoo…even Sarah who loves climbing the stairs as much as she loves the animals! Now the farewell is for a long time – no more surprises. Bloody hell, homesickness is a shocker.






Harli Ames - he's going to be a star!



We pop in to Pasadena to catch up with Melbourne actor Harli Ames and his enchanting wife, Kate. Harli and Kate are trying to make a go of their lives in the US and we wish them all the luck in the world. They deserve it. Shirl met Harli on the feature film The Cup.  We know we’ll be able to say we knew Harli before he was rich and famous .





Ken & Millie felt at home in Toontown




Disneyland is wasted on children. We loved it in 1989 and we love it even more now. We go on rollercoaster rides and into the darkness of the haunted house. It’s a blast.








On our way to another terror ride




Universal Studios is even better. We have so much fun here it should be illegal! We go on everything from the new Transformers ride, to the Mummy and even the Simpsons and Shreck 3D rides.







I wan to suck your blood!





And Shirl encounters the ‘Count’.







Big Sur




The Big Sur beckons – one of the great motorcycle rides in the world. It doesn’t disappoint.  The twists and turns take us along a coastline that is like the Great Ocean Road on steroids.

The weather is brilliant – sunshine and not too hot. It is perfect riding weather.




Elephant seals - lolling about




We visit the elephant seals…






Jelly fish



And see the jelly fish at the Monterey Aquarium.








The only disappointment is when we get to Monterey we can’t enjoy the 17-mile Drive because motorcycles are banned! Can you believe it? The wealthy residents of Pebble Beach don’t want motorcycles on their roads. “because they are too loud!”  A BMW? They’re kidding. So much for public rights and freedoms!  Discrimination against all motorcycles – how can this happen in the land of the free?

Not the 17-mile Drive


We move on  – Next stop – San Francisco.