Oregon – possibly the most beautiful place on earth


Oregon is a paradise of mountains, trees and rivers

Virginia City



From Yosemite we take in a bit of the Wild West in Nevada’s Virginia City. Complete with wooden footpaths and saloons like the “Bucket of Blood”.  Mark Twain began his writing career here at a local newspaper. He is honoured with the local bookstore and a saloon being named after him.





Westfir - pity about the rain



The road takes us north to one of the most beautiful places on earth – the state of Oregon.

We are heading to Westfir for the Burning Moto Man Rally held by inveterate travellers Eric and Gail Haws. They open up their wonderful riverside property to travellers for one weekend each year. The weather was against them this year. It rained just about all weekend.




Tiffany Coates



The weather didn’t stop us getting to know Tiffany Coates who has ridden through almost every country of the world on her old R80GS and catching up with our old friends Ken & Carol Duval from Brisbane.






The rain didn't stop Ken & Carol enjoying a wine by the river


We leave our sign for future travellers





At the end of the weekend we had to make up a sign for Eric’s signpost.





Beautiful roads



We took the back roads to Bend – riding through the Willamette National Forest, past Cougar Lake and then up to McKenzie Pass. This road is closed during winter and has only been open a couple of weeks when we ride it.







Snow still sits on the lava fields






The road takes us through the lava fields.





The Cascade Mountains



Past the Cascade Mountains







Middle and North Sister



Past the Three Sisters – very different to the sisters in our own Blue Mountains







Steve Cunningham - a good bloke!



We’ve come to stay with Steve Cunningham. We met Steve and his wife, Gayle in Argentina in November. It’s great to catch up with Steve again. Unfortunately Gayle is on holidays.






But Ozzie is home – a delightful terrier who has a couple of quirky traits.

Ozzie helps Shirl with the emails




He loves helping when you are working on the computer






Ozzie meet Jasper



And he loves checking out the photos – especially when it is our dog, Jasper.











Steve’s friends are a great bunch. We have fun getting to know them and there is another sad goodbye when we leave Bend and head north to Hood River on the majestic Columbia River.





Korner Post Restaurant



Armed with local knowledge we avoid the main roads and head through the Santiama Pass at over 4,000 feet, and on to Detroit Lake. The local café is owned by a former motocross racer, Rick and houses his remarkable memorabilia collection. His collection of memorabilia includes a photo of Kiwi Bert Munroe and his “World’s fastest Indian”





Great scenery



More back roads and then Mt Hood pops up behind the pine forests. Framed by trees and blue skies it is a breathtaking sight. At more than 11,000 feet, Mt Hood is the highest peak in Oregon…and it is gorgeous.






Mt Hood



The road then takes us to the mighty Columbia River – and Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge.

The historic highway is a bikers’ dream. It just doesn’t get much more striking than this.

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  1. Bettina says:

    Thoroughly enjoying reading about your travels Shirley and Brian, just had shivers up my spine remembering seeing you in Kingston surrey and the times we shared…namely the birth of Max who is turning 9 on Wednesday can you believe?! I know what you mean about Oregon, when I was nanny to Ray and Sophie we stayed in Portland and I remember the beauty of the place. Awe inspiring journey for you. Love you, stay safe and looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing your amazing adventure stories.
    Big love
    Bett xxx

  2. Jo Dennis says:

    Hi Brian & Shirl, looks like you are having a fab time, stay safe, thinking of you, Jo xx

  3. Steve & Gayle says:

    I’ve strived my whole life to become a bloke. I’m honoured that I’ve finally made it!

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