Inyo State Forest



The drive through the national forest gives us a taste of what is to come – the lakes, the mountains and the trees – awesome.





The roads are great





The roads are amazing. The landscape is awe inspiring. We just love every minute of it. Over two days we are able to explore most of the park accessible by road.







It's a peaceful place




We see towering mountains…









Waterfalls cascading down massive rock faces…









A very happy man




Never ending winding roads through the forests…






There is a tiny figure at the bottom of the tree




The miniscule figure at the base of the tree shows how tall they are…

The sights speak for themselves.








White Wolf Campground




And then we pitched our tent in the White Wolf Campground.






It looks worse than it is





newly acquired camping gear has loaded the bike to the max but to enjoy the beauty of this area in the evening and again in the morning it is well worth the effort.




A vistor to our camp site